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Mammal Watching in Ecuador

Mammal Watching Tours in Ecuador

Mammal Watching Tours in Ecuador

Ecuador Mushroom Trips

Come and Enjoy the Diversity of Mushrooms and Fungi you will see during our trip in Ecuador.

Amazon Birding: The Shiripuno River

The Amazon Birding along the Shiripuno River: Lost Birding Deep in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve (National Park & The Waorani Reserve) in Ecuador. Ecuador is a world birding destination by tradition, from Quito, its capital you to explore a wide array to ecosystem present in the country with such and easy stroke. The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador offers many […]

The Shiripuno River

Shiripuno River

The Shiripuno River is the Magic River! All the magic begins at the waters of the Shiripuno River, these small and meandered river carries a light brown water, its colors is due to the rich sediments from terra firme, of the Shiripuno Basin. These experience begins every time we embark on our Nature Trips. The […]