Ecuador Big Days Destinations

The Golden Tanager (Tangara arthus)
The Golden Tanager (Tangara arthus) is a species of bird in the family Thraupidae. It is widespread and often common in highland forests of the Andes (from Bolivia and northwards) and Venezuelan Coastal Range in north-western South America. Its plumage is overall golden-yellow with black to the back, wings, tail and ear-coverts. Some subspecies are partially/largely brown below. Wikipedia

The Big Days made it to Ecuador, we GO BIRDING across country from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Rainforest, visiting all the world birding destinations at each Bioregion such as the Western Chocó Cloud Forest, Andes, Foothills, Amazon and Galapagos Islands.

We have Set Three Big Days Destinations:

1.- The World Birding Record Trail – Day Trip

On 8 October 2015, at 24:00 a World Birding Team: Dušan Brinkhuizen, Rudy Gelis, Mitch Lysinger & Tuomas Seimola and a Non-participating companion: George Paul

Set a world record of 431 species, with 305 (70.8%) species seen and 126 (29.2%)
species heard‐only, this important to mention the total of species recorded by all team members, “Shared Total”: 415 (96.3% of effectiveness as team members) and obviously a total number of “Dirty Birds”: 16 (3.7% < 5%; following ABA rule 11B)

Birding Route: Cabañas San Isidro/Yanayacu Área, Guacamayos Ridge, Cocodrilos, Loreto road, Jatun Sacha Area, Tena airport, Rio Napo, Tena airport, Jatun Sacha area, Misahualli, Tena, Loreto road, Cocodrilos, Guacamayos Ridge, Cabañas San Isidro/Yanayacu Área, Baeza, Guango, Papallacta area, Quito Airport area, Salinas, Punta Carnero, Ecuasal

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2.- The Mindo Birding Trail: The Best of the Western Choco

We will Bird in the Mindo Nambillo Reserve, a transitional sub-tropical rainforest that ranges from 950 to 3,500 meters above sea level, where two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world meet: the Chocó Lowlands and the Western Tropical Andes. The Mindo Nambillo Reserve covers about 22 000 hectares, its home to an outstanding number of orchids, birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. Three major rivers are: Mindo, Saloya and Cinto and hundreds of clear water streams irrigate the landscape. The Nambillo Waterfall Trail is one of the main Birding Trail.

Birding Route: Mindo, Bellavista, Tandayapa, Milpe Silanche, Yanacocha, Masphi.

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3.- The Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

White-eared Jacamar
The White-eared Jacamar is a species of bird in the family Galbulidae. It is found in the Amazon Basin of western Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru. Wikipedia

The 24-hour Amazon Birding Marathon
A World Big Day record of 331 bird species in a one-square-mile area on foot and in canoe, set in 1982 in Tambopata Peru by LSU ornithologist Ted Parker and Scott Robinson “That record still stands as probably one of the greatest birding feats ever accomplished,” said Seeholzer. “We figured it was time to make another attempt at it. Said MNS Ornithologists Glenn Seeholzer in .

Birding Route:
Coca: Yarina Lodge, Taracoa, Coca, 1 Day
Shiripuno Lodge – 3 Days 40%

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