Ecuador Global Big Day

The Ecuador Global Big Day is Huge Birding tradition among birders, birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Ecuador Global Big Day
Ecuador Global Big Day

The Global Big Day organized by the Cornell University and Ebird which seeks to find and watch the largest number of birds in a single day worldwide, and raise awareness about the conservation of natural habitats for birds, no matter where they are! Every bird counts!

Come and join us in one of the most important days for birding community!!

How does Ecuador Global Big Day work?

  • Upload your findings on Ebird
  • Organize field trips for the local school, community
  • Meet your friends and go
  • Go to your favorite birding spot

Here are some of the destinations available for this birding event, many locations of Ecuador’s Christmas Bird Count below:

Baby Rufous Potoo
Baby Rufous Potoo
  • Northwestern Choco – Mindo
  • Eastern Cloudforest – Cosanga
  • Amazon Lowlands – Coca Yasuní
  • Northern Ecuador – Chical
  • Southern Ecuador – Macas

Check below in the map other locations to go birding in May.

Join us on our Ecuador Big Day!