Learn about the Frogs living in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

We invite you to check in the fascinating world of the Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Until three decades ago, the site considered as the most diverse in the world in amphibians and reptiles was the town of Santa Cecilia, The studies while the forest was being deforested and the soil moved with excavators in 1978. in Sucumbíos, Ecuador.

Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
Bromeliad Tree Frog

In a closer region with high species richness, Leticia in the Amazon Colombia reported 98 species of anurans species.

Another remote region with high species richness reported 111 species of amphibians for the Manú National Park in Peru.

The next area with an exceptional diversity of amphibians in the Yasuní National Biosphere, where more than 130 species of amphibians have been recorded in a single locality.

Upon seeing all these comparisons, the high richness of amphibian, as well as the extreme concentration of diversity in a small area, clearly indicates the importance of the Yasuní, it is mandatory to conserve one of the richest herpetofauna communities in the entire world.

There are many species frogs that remain to be described for science, we know little or nothing about their natural history of Amazonian amphibians, their state of conservation and risk of extinction in the face of factors such as the destruction of habitats or climate changes at local, regional and global scales

Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
Trachycepahlus Tree Frog ~ Shiripuno Lodge ~ Amazon Herping Week

The Ambihians Numbers 

The local diversity (alpha diversity) of amphibians in Ecuador reaches its highest value in the Tropical Amazonian Humid Forest.
The endemism in the Amazon Tropical Rainforest in Ecuador rach only 15.9 %.
The greatest species richness is concentrated in the Amazonian provinces: Napo, Sucumbíos, and Pastaza. Notably, the diversity of the province of Napo (199 species) surpasses that of entire countries such as Argentina or Canada.

Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
Shiripuno Lodge ~ The Amazon Horned Rain Frog, it’s a ground-dweller amphibian using its camouflage waits for its prey to pass by, the sit-and-wait technique is used by many species of the Amazon Rainforest.

Conservation of the Frogs in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

About 19 amphibian species that were unknown to science up to that time. Ten of these species have been described in recent years based on specimens collected in Ecuador

  • A species of toad: Rhaebo ecuadoriensis
  • Five species of tree frogs: Osteocephalus Yasuni, Boana alfaroi, Boana maculateralis, Boana nympha, and Dendropsophus shiwiarum
  • A species of rocket frog Hyloxalus yasuní
  • Three species of cutish frogs Pristimantis aureolineatus, Pristimantis omeviridis, Pristimantis waoranii.

Still, there are to describe at least three species of the genus of toads Rhinella, a Boana tree frog, at least two species of cutin frogs Pristimantis.

Nine species were reported for Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, including frogs like:

  • Noblella myrmecoides.
  • Pristimantis orcus.
  • Pristimantis eurydactylus.
  • Pristimantis skydmainos.
  • Dendropsophus delarivai.
  • Cochranella ritae.
  • Rhaebo guttatus.

Besides, very rare records for the country, such as the Gastrotheca longipes, Dendropsophus miyatai, Cochranella resplendens.

Amazon Marsupial Tree-Frog (Gastrotheca longipes) in the Yasuni

In comparison with other Amazonian sites very diversified and well sampled, the anuran species richness of Ecuador It is greater in all cases.

Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
The families of amphibians with the highest number of species are frogs Hylidae arboreal, Strabomantidae land frogs, Bufonidae toads, and Leptodactylidae thin-toed frogs, followed closely by members of the Poisonous frogs (Aromobatidae and Dendrobatidae families)

List of Frogs you can find the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Anywhere in the Rainforest, eventually you will cross with a frog but if you are trying to find them as soon as you arrive. First, get your bearings right, let know others where are you heading.

Family: Aromobatidae, Nurse Frogs, Jumping Frog

  • Allobates femoralis, Jumping frog with bright thighs
  • Allobates fratisenescus, Mera Jumping Frog
  • Allobates insperatus, Santa Cecilia Jumping Frog
  • Allobates kingsburyi, Jumping Frog from the Topo River
  • Allobates trilineatus, Trilineated Jumping Frog
  • Allobates zaparo, Jumping Frog Zápara

Family: Bufonidae Toads, Jambatos, Harlequin Frogs

  • Amazophrynella siona, Sapito Siona
  • Atelopus boulengeri, Jambato of Boulenger
  • Atelopus palmatus, Jambato of Andersson
  • Atelopus planispina, Jambato of Planispina
  • Atelopus spumarius, Jambato Amazónico
  • Rhaebo ecuadorensis, Ecuadorian Giant Toad
  • Rhaebo guttatus, Cuyabeno Giant Toad
  • Rhinella ceratophrys, cuckold Termite Toad
  • Rhinella dapsilis, Sapo orejón
  • Rhinella festae, Toad Valley Santiago
  • Rhinella margaritifera, Sapo common South American
  • Rhinella marina, Cane toad
  • Rhinella poeppigii, Toad of Moyobamba
  • Rhinella proboscidea, Toad snout
  • Rhinella roqueana, Toad of Roque

Family: Centrolenidae, Glass Frog

  • Centrolene charapita, Frog of c Ristal charapita
  • Cochranella resplendens, Glass frog resplandeciente
  • Espadarana durrellorum, Rana crystal iaspidiense Jambué
  • Hyalinobatrachium, Rana crystal Yuruani
  • Hyalinobatrachium munozorum, Glass Frog Santa Cecilia
  • Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum, Glass frog fantasma
  • Hyalinobatrachium ruedai, Rana crystal Rueda
  • Hyalinobatrachium yaku, frog yaku
  • Nymphargus glass chancas , Crystal tree frog from Peru,
  • Nymphargus cochranae, Crystal frog from Cochran,
  • Nymphargus laurae, Crystal frog from Laura,
  • Nymphargus mariae, Crystal frog from Maria
  • Rulyrana flavopunctata, Yellow spotted glass frog,
  • Rulyrana mcdiarmidi, Crystal frog from the Jambue River,
  • Teratohyla amelie, Amelie crystal frog,
  • Teratohyla midas, Aguarico
  • Vitreorana ritae glass frog, black-spotted glass frog

Family: Ceratophryidae, Bocon frogs

  • Ceratophrys cornuta, Great Horned toad
  • Ceratophrys testudo, Ecuadorian toad

Family: DendrobatidaeFamily: Dendrobatidae Poisonous Frogs, Rocket Frogs

  • Ameerega frogs bilinguis, poison frog ecuatoriana
  • Ameerega hahneli, poison frog Yurimaguas
  • Ameerega parvula, poisonous frog Sarayacu
  • Excidobates captivus, poisonous frog Santiago
  • Hyloxalus cevallosi river, Rana rocket Palanda
  • Hyloxalus elachyhistus, Rana rocket Loja
  • Hyloxalus italoi, Rana rocket Pastaza
  • Hyloxalus maculosus, Rana rocket Puyo
  • Hyloxalus nexipus, Frog rocket from Los Tayos
  • Hyloxalus sauli, Rana rocket from Santa Cecilia
  • Hyloxalus yasuni, Rana rocket from Yasuní
  • Leucostethus fugax, Frog from Pastaza
  • Ranitomeya reticulata, Reddish poisonous frog
  • Ranitomeya variabilis, Poisonous frog from yellow lines
  • Ranitomeya ventrimaculata, Poisonous frog from Sarayacu

Family: Eleutherodactylidae Immigrant frog

  • Adelophryne adiastola, Frog of Yapina

Family: Hemiphractidae, Marsupials Frogs and related

  • Gastrotheca andaquiensis, Marsupials Frog of Andaqui
  • Gastrotheca longipes, Marsupials Frog of Pastaza
  • Gastrotheca testudinea, Marsupials Frogof Jimenez de la Espada
  • Gastrotheca weinlan dii, Weinland Marsupials Frog
  • Hemiphractus bubalus, Triangular head frog from Ecuador
  • Hemiphractus helioi, Triangular head frog from Cuzco
  • Hemiphractus proboscideus, Triangular head frog from Sumaco
  • Hemiphractus scutatus, Triangular head frog horned incubator


Family: Hylidae,  Treefrogs

  • Agalychnis buckleyi, Buckley monkey frog
  • Agalychnis hulli , Amazon monkey frog
  • Boana alfaroi, Alfaro tree frog
  • Boana almendarizae, Almendáriz tree frog
  • Boana boans, Gladiator frog
  • Boana calcarata, Spur tree frog
  • Boana cinerascens, Frog granosa
  • Boana fasciata, Gunther tree frog
  • Geographical frog, Geographical frog
  • Boana lanciformis, Common lanceolate frog
  • Boana maculateralis, Spotted tree frog
  • Boana nympha, tree frog nymph
  • Boana punctata, dotted frog
  • Boana tetete, Tree frog of the Tetetes
  • Cruziohyla craspedopus, Amazonian leaf frog
  • Dendropsophus bifurcus, Small clown frog
  • Dendropsophus bokermanni, Bokermann tree frog
  • Dendropsophus brevifrons, tree Frog of Crump
  • Dendropsophus marmoratus, Infant marmorea
  • Dendropsophus minutus, yellow Infant común
  • Dendropsophus miyatai, tree Frog of Miyata
  • Dendropsophus parviceps, Infant caricorta
  • Dendropsophus reticulatus, Infant reticulada
  • Dendropsophus rhodopeplus, Infant bandeada
  • Dendropsophus riveroi, tree Frog of Rivero
  • Dendropsophus sarayacuensis, Frog of Sarayacu
  • Dendropsophus shiwiarum, Infant shiwiar
  • Dendropsophus triangulum, Triangular frog
  • Hyloscirtus albopunctulatus, White spot torrent frog
  • Hyloscirtus phyllognathus, Roque torrent frog
  • Nyctimantis rugiceps, Canelos tree frog
  • Osteocephalus alboguttatus, Sarayacu hull frog
  • Osteocephalus buckleyi, Buckley hull frog
  • Osteocephalus cabrerai, Cabrera hull frog
  • Osteocephalus cannatellai, Helmet frog Cannatella
  • Osteocephalus deridens, Mocking Helmet Frog
  • Osteocephalus festae, Helmet frog of Festa
  • Osteocephalus fusciis, Napo
  • Osteocephalus mutabor helmet frog, Pucuno helmet frog
  • Osteocephalus planiceps, Arboreal helmet frog
  • Osteocephalus taurinus, Taurine hull frog
  • Osteocephalus verruciger, Verrucose hull frog
  • Osteocephalus vilmae, Vilma helmet frog
  • Osteocephalus yasuni, Yasuni hull frog
  • Phyllomedusa coelestis, Frog monkey celestial
  • Phyllomedusa palliata, Frog monkey jaguar
  • Phyllomedusa tarsius, Frog monkey lemur
  • Phyllomedusa tomopterna, Frog monkey green orange
  • Phyllomedusa vaillantii, Frog monkey with white lines
  • Scinax cruentomma, Rain frog from the Aguarico river
  • Scinax funereus, Moyabamba rain frog
  • Scinax garbei, Trumpet rain frog
  • Scinax ruber, Frog of rain listed
  • Spheenorhynchus carneus, Lemon tree frog
  • Sphaenorhynchus dorisae, Leticia lake frog
  • Sphaenorhynchus lacteus, Milk lake frog
  • Tepuihyla tuberculosa, Canelos owl frog
  • Trachycephalus coriaceus, Surinam horn frog
  • Trachycephalus cunauaru, Tuberculous hull frog
  • Trachycephalus macrot is, Pastaza dairy frog

Family: Leptodactylidae Gualag frogs, Smoked rhea, Túngara rheas and related

  • Adenomera andreae, André terrestrial frog
  • Adenomera hylaedactyla, Napo terrestrial frog
  • Edalorhina perezi, Rana vaquita
  • Engystomops petersi, Petersana sparrow-like frog
  • Laptodactylus discodactylus, Vanzolini terrestrial frog
  • Leptodactylus knudseni, Ground toad amazónico
  • Leptodactylus leptodactyloides, Rana land común
  • Leptodactylus mystaceus, toad-frog terrestrial común
  • Leptodactylus pentadactylus, Rana land gigante
  • Leptodactylus petersii, Rana termitera of Peters
  • Leptodactylus rhodomystax, terrestrial frog Boulenger
  • Leptodactylus stenodema, terrestrial frog Moti
  • Leptodactylus wagneri, terrestrial frog Wagner
  • Lithodytes lineatus, Rana land rayada

Familia: Microhylidae Frogs Leaf Litters

  • Chiasmocleis anatipes, Leaf litter frog from Santa Cecilia
  • Chiasmocleis antenori, Leaf litter frog from Ecuador
  • Chiasmocleis bassleri, Leaf-nosed frog beetle
  • Chiasmocleis parkeri, Frog leaf litter of Parker
  • Chiasmocleis tridactyla, Peruvian leaf litter frog
  • Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata, Pastaza river leaf frog
  • Ctenophryne geayi, Brown leaf frog Bolivian hibiscus, Bolivian leaf frog
  • Synapturanus rabus, Colombian leaf frog

Family: Pipidae Surinam toad

  • Pipa pipa, Surinam toad

Family: Ranidae comunes

  • Rana palmipes, Common Frog River Amazonas

Family: Strabomantidae frogs cutín

  • Hypodactylus nigrovittatus, fat frog amazónica
  • Noblella myrmecoides, southern frog quixensis Loreto
  • Oreobates, Sapito loudmouth amazónico
  • Pristimantis acuminatus, Cutin puntiagudo
  • Pristimantis albujai, Cutin of Albuja
  • Pristimantis altamazonicus, Cutin amazónico
  • Pristimantis altamnis, Cutin of Carabaya
  • Pristimantis aureolineatus, Cutin of golden band
  • Pristimantis barrigai, Cutín de Barriga
  • Pristimantis brevicrus, Cutín of Andersson
  • Pristimantis carvalhoi, Cutín de Carvalho
  • Pristimantis churuwiai, Cutín of Churuwia
  • Pristimantis citriogaster, Cutí n belly amarillo
  • Pristimantis conspicillatus, Cutin of Zamora
  • Pristimantis croceoinguinis, Cutin Santa Cecilia
  • Pristimantis Delius, Cutin coffee rayado
  • Pristimantis diadematus, Cutin of diadema
  • Pristimantis enigmaticus, Cutin enigmático
  • Pristimantis Galdi, Cutin green amazónico
  • Pristimantis katoptroides, Cutin of Puyo
  • Pristimantis kichwarum, Cutin kichwa
  • Pristimantis lacrimosus, Cutin lanthanites llorón
  • Pristimantis, Cutin metálico
  • Pristimantis librarius, Cutin spots cafes
  • Pristimantis limoncochensis, Cutin of Limoncocha
  • Pristimantis luscombei, Cutin of Loreto
  • Pristimantis malkini, Cutin the Ampiyacu
  • Pristimantis martiae river, Cutin of Martha
  • Pristimantis matidiktyo, Cutin eye reticulados
  • Pristimantis metabates, Cutin of Chiriaco
  • Pristimantis miktos, Cutin Mezclado
  • Pristimantis minimus, Cutin Diminuto
  • Pristimantis nigrogriseus, Cutin of Baños
  • Pristimantis omeviridis, Cutín de Tambococha
  • Pristimantis orestes, Cutín de Urdaneta
  • Pristimantis orphnolaimus, Cutín de La go Agrio
  • Pristimantis paululus, Cutin of estribaciones
  • Pristimantis peruvianus, Cutin of Perú
  • Pristimantis petersi, Cutin of Peters
  • Pristimantis prolatus, Cutin oculto
  • Pristimantis pseudoacuminatus, Cutin of Sarayacu
  • Pristimantis quaquaversus, Cutin the Coca
  • Pristimantis rubicundus river, Cutin rubicundo
  • Pristimantis skydmainos, Cutin of Manu
  • Pristimantis trachyblepharis, Cutin strip blanca
  • Pristimantis variabilis, Cutin variable
  • Pristimantis ventrimarmoratus, Cutin belly marmoleado
  • Pristimantis waoranii, Cutin waorani
  • Pristimantis Yantzaza, Cutin of Yantzaza
  • Strabomantis cornutus, Cutin bocón of cuernos
  • Strabomantis sulcatus, Cutin bocón of Nauta

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