Our Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour takes place in the depth of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, a trip into the last wilderness for mankin: Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

Just for a moment, imagine yourself drifting silently along a truly, wild jungle river in the legendary Waorani territories, bounded on either side by millions of acres of the pristine forest.

Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour. Shiripuno River. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

Paddling the Shiripuno River by kayak is an intimate way to experience both jungle and river. Picture yourself exploring meanders through muddy beaches and twisting walls of Amazon Rainforest, never knowing what is around the next bend of the river. It could be a cloud of colorful butterflies, a flock of macaws, a river turtles basking on a log, a beach loving caiman, or the ever changing flowers, fruits, seeds, and sounds of the passing forest. And if you are really lucky you might even come across a Tapir or an Anaconda.

Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour
Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour. Shiripuno River. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

We are going kayak into the world famous Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, arguably the most biologically diverse spot on Earth. The reserve is at the center of a small zone where amphibian, bird, mammal, and vascular plant diversity all reach their maximum levels within the Western Hemisphere.

Moreover, Yasuni breaks world records for local-scale (less than 100 km2) tree, amphibian, and bat species richness, and is one of the richest spots in the world for birds and mammals at local scales as well. A lot of them can be found along the Rivers!

Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour
Waorani House.  -Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour. Shiripuno River. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

DAY 1  We will Roadtrip from the Andes to the Amazon Lowlands. We follow the Route of Water from the top of Andean snow-covered volcanoes to the very bottom of the eastern Andean slope, ending our journey in the bustling frontier town of Coca, where the Mighty Napo River meets other two major rivers, Payamino and Coca. Overnight in Coca.

DAY 2 .- After breakfast, We take in Coca, then drive into the southern bank of the Napo River, along the Auca road for 2 hours, to the Shiripuno River and head downstream to our campsite. Dinner. Camping along the  Shiripuno River bank.

Shiripuno River beach, perfect location to pitch the tent and start watching Amazon Wildlife. – Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour
Venturing into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. -Amazon Kayaking Tour

DAY 3 .- After breakfast. We visit the Waorani People Community  and learn about their culture and traditions. Afterwards we will set out to our river explorations downstream learning about the Amazon Rainforest rivers dynamics. Lunch Afternoon ride to the Campsite. Dinner. Camping.

DAY 4 .- After breakfast we continue with our explorations, hoping out and explorer an Oxbow lake searching for unique wildlife living in the micro-habitats. Lunch Afternoon ride to the Campsite. Dinner. Camping.


Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour
An intimate Rainforest Experience, surrounded by sounds of millions of species. Comfortable and Dry Sleeping in the Jungle. -Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour

DAY 5 .- After breakfast we will paddle to reach Shiripuno Lodge. Searching for more riverine fauna Lunch Afternoon arrival to Shiripuno Lodge.

Canoe Assistance. Amazon Wildlife Kayak Tour. Shiripuno River. Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador.

DAY 6 .- After Breakfast, we head to the viewpoint “El Mirador” impressive view of the of the Rainforest for miles of unbroken forest canopy learn more about the Amazon Rainforest. Lunch. Forest activities.

DAY 7 .- Return to Coca. After breakfast, navigation upstream, say farewell to the Waorani People and its forest.

DAY 8 .- Return to Quito in 30 minutes flight. Transfer in. Hotel in Quito. Old Town Walk.

We provide a full service, amazon kayaking expedition with ecologically friendly tourism.  its perfect for all kinds of travellers, honeymooners, birdwatchers, nature lovers and adventurers families.

Cost $ 1.650

The cost per person in double tent and bedroom

What is included in the cost?

  • Accommodation in Quito
  • Transportation Quito-Coca-Quito
  • Accommodation in Coca
  • Transportation Coca-Shiripuno-Coca
  • Accommodation in double tents and with private bathroom at lodging facilities
  • Camping Gear
  • Kayaks and Paddles
  • Lifevest
  • Meals during travel
  • Kayak Naturalist Guide (English-Spanish)
  • Native guide
  • Excursions in the forest
  • Rubber boots up to size 44

What is not included in the cost?

  • Rain Poncho
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic
  • Tips

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