Our Mindo Cloud Forest Day Trip From Quito.

Mindo Cloud Forest Day Trip
Mindo Cloud Forest Day Trip

Mindo is a small town nestled in the Northwestern Andean Foothills of Ecuador, inside of the Bioregion Chocó, considered a Hotspot for Biodiversity of Life. Mindo is set in beautiful valley of the cloud-forest, it attracts birdwatchers first and foremost, but also has attractions for other tourists. Mindo is located to the north west of Quito, was founded in 1861 and current population is around 3000 inhabitants.

On Our Mindo Cloud Forest Day Tour

We meet you up at the hotel and take you to the Cloud Forest in Mindo for a hike, to waterfalls where we saw all kinds of orchids and lilies among other plants and trees, visit the butterfly farm, amazed at hummingbird reserve, the chocolate factory and lunch at a local restaurant. Our experience was great and amazing. Your guide is a valuable knowledge of information source. This is the best tour and packed in a lot so it is great to cover so much in a day.

Our Main Activities in Mindo Ecuador

1.- Mindo Nambillo Cloud Forest Reserve

The Trails of the Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve has an elevation that ranges between 1 180 m to 4 780 m, The Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve offers to visitors the main feature of this reserve: The Cloud Forest, which stretches out over 19 200 hectares, the easiest way to explore it is the village of Mindo.

The highest point in the reserve is the Guagua Pichincha Volcano which peaks at an impressive 4 780 meters. The Mindo cloud forest reserve forms part of the protected areas that stretch across Ecuador and it was home to the Yumbo-Nigua long before the rise of the Incas.

If you keep your eyes open while in the forest, you may well see a variety of interesting plants and animals. Cedro trees, arrayan, canelo, berries, hill red peppers, aguacatillo and ortiga are easily spotted amongst the vegetation. Since the reserve is home to over 350 species of birds it makes for excellent bird watching. Those interested in mammals can hope to see bats, squirrels, deer, coated bears and a variety of small amphibians.

2.- Mindo Cloud Forest Zipline

The Mindo Cloud Forest Zipline is a new adventure sport whose main objective is to offer a single very different activity and ecological experience gliding from one point to another by horizontal cables with full safety equipment, thus being able to feel and experience the sensation of flying in addition to appreciate the scenery and nature from above. The equipment used consists of harnesses, carabiners, helmets, special gloves and pulleys that provide you all the necessary safety during travel.

3.- Mindo Tubing

The Mindo River Tubing is so much fun. Its a 45-minute run down the Rio Mindo on tube raft!. Several tubes string together to form a raft. It’s not quite white water rafting but there are some good rapids and drops.

4.- Mindo Butterfly Farm

The Mindo Butterfly Farm is an interactive butterfly garden -the largest butterfly exhibition in Ecuador, where you can see the 4 stages of the butterfly life, surrounded by hundreds of colorful butterflies at the same time. While you are in the exhibition you can feed one or more of our 25 different species of butterflies.

Ecuador Nature Tour
Butterfly at Mindo

5.- Mindo Chocolate Factory

In the Mindo Chocolate Factory we will watch the early stages of process to transform from “Bean to a Bar” In the past ten or fifteen years, there’s been a movement within the chocolate world towards more pure chocolate: A dark chocolate, as much as it may be a treat and a luxury, has health benefits and incredible taste. As more making darker chocolate, a chocolate that allows the full flavor of the cocoa beans.

6.- Mindo Orchid Garden

Check the blooms of the Orchid Garden in Mindo, an impressive collection of more than 200 orchids – many viewable with a handy microscope. Naturally, the garden is also full of hummingbirds.

Dacula Orchid found at Mindo

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