Untamed Amazon Experience

“Yes. It’s a hell of a journey here.
Yes, there is no electricity – and yes there are no showerheads –
BUT – you have the jungle right outside your door.
You could wander into the forest, get lost and never be seen again – but of course, you would take one of the many guides at the lodge who would make you get back safely to the lodge – even at night!
I really enjoyed my time here – in this small world – there are few places left with no phone reception and Wifi, and where good old candle power will illuminate your evening dinner.
It was probably how Roosevelt would have traveled [minus the 100 porters and hunting rifles though], and when you go to one of the Napo lodges from here – you will yearn for this lodges quiet simplicity.
The birding is tough but rewarding- there are no species you cannot find elsewhere here – but they are easier to see here – such as Salvin’s Curassow, many antbirds, and Nocturnal Curassow.
So – want away from the world? Out of phone and WhatsApp range from your husband or business partners – go hide out at the Shiripuno!
The food is excellent, cooked by the incredible Sandra – well done to her!”