The Birds Living in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

The Birds Living in the Amazon Rainforest
The Yellow-browed Antbird lives inside terra firme on the Southern bank of the Napo River.

All the Living Birds of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador can be found in all the forest formations, the birds have adapted to live with all the resources provided by the Western Amazon Basin.

Habitats where the Birds of the Amazon Rainforest lives:

  • Terra Firme
  • Varzea
  • Forest Swamp
  • Forest Streams
  • Moriche Swamp

The Birds living in the Amazon Rainforest are very diverse in their lifestyle, with many species living in the ground,  many others at mid-level in the forest and a lot of action happens in the canopy, many species trail throughout the forest in small social clubs that we call mixed species flock, many would surprising us in size, colors, sounds, behaviour.

We list some of the most diverse families of birds found in the largest tract of rainforest in Ecuador, found in terra firme, varzea, flooded forest, forest swamps, moriche swamps, rivers, forest streams, oxbow lakes and roadsides

Depending in the spectrum of the habitats in a determined area, the abilities of the species to establish in that area, birds can be found almost everywhere you go, colorful tanagers, skulking antbirds, dancing manakins, oropendolas, macaws.

The Most Diverse Amazonian Bird Families

The most diverse amazonian bird families found at Shiripuno Amazon Lodge, recorded over 10 years of observations:

  • Flycatchers: 80 species
  • Antbirds: 50 species
  • Tanagers: 37 species
  • Ovenbirds: 27 species
  • Kites, Eagles & Hawks: 26 species
  • Hummingbirds: 26 species
  • Parrot & Macaws: 18 species
  • Woodpeckers:17 species
  • Woodcreepers: 17 species
  • Manakin: 12 species
  • Puffbirds: 12 species

Quick Fact:

The largest bird living in the Amazon Rainforest is: The King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa) with an overall length ranges from 67–81 centimeters (27–32 in) and its wingspan is 1.2–2 meters (4–6.6 ft). Its weight ranges from 2.7–4.5 kilograms (6–10 lb). And the smallest is also one of the smallest birds on Earth: The Short-tailed Pygmy Tyrant (Myiornis ecaudatus)  with a body length of 6.5 centimeters, and its weight 4·2 grams.

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