The Shiripuno River is the Magic River!

All the magic begins at the waters of the Shiripuno River, these small and meandered river carries a light brown water, its colors is due to the rich sediments from terra firme, of the Shiripuno Basin. These experience begins every time we embark on our Nature Trips.

Shiripuno River
Shiripuno River

The Shiripuno River is the main waterflow in the basin. All the running water of this area is in the clouds, the rain can happens anywhere at any time.

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When rain happens, it hits the foliage in the canopy breaking into smaller drops and start a long journey of dripping tips to end up into a running stream.

The water carries sediments, it can be seen using transparents containers while you explore.

Sloth in the Shiripuno River!

The Shiripuno River like many other rivers in the Amazon Rainforest has the meandered movement , they moves like giant snakes in the vegetation giving life any any direction.

The Shiripuno Rivers has a series of flooding events, changing the river’s banks, the flood can reach couple hundreds meter inside, filling old oxbow lakes, shallow varzeas, forest swamps.

Shiripuno River
New Shiripuno River Bend, built up on piles of leaves and sand, it enough for plants to take over the place, creating perfect conditions for unique wildlife. Shiripuno River

During flooding of the Shiripuno River all animals living near the bank, have adapted to this lifestyle, they come out with incredible solutions such as termites and leaf cutter ants both building the colonies in the canopy and mid canopy respectively.

The Shiripuno River embraces all kind of iconic Amazonian Wildlife during its navigation you might cross with incredible Anacondas, Jaguars, Tapirs, or Harpy Eagles, be prepared for this events, on every corner surprises are awaiting for all of us.

Anaconda in the Shiripuno River!

Below is a quick Checklist of all animals possible to be seen waiting visiting us.

Trees of the Shiripuno River

  • Ceibos or Kapoks

  • Moriche Palms

  • Trees of Fire

  • Cecropias

  • Figs

  • Pachacos

  • Parkias

  • Mimosas

Shiripuno River
Shiripuno River

Wildlife of the Shiripuno River

  • Monkeys

  • River Turtles

  • Kingfishers

  • Capybaras

  • Caimans

  • Oropendolas

  • Macaws

  • Butterflies

People of the Shiripuno River

The Shiripuno Rivers has very little human activity, most of the river is protected by the Waorani People and the Yasuni National Park.