The Waorani People: The Nomads of the Rainforest and their Lifestyle.

The Waorani People are one of the last Nomads of the Rainforest of Ecuador living for hundreds of years along the Western Amazon Basin between Ecuador and Peru, the Waorani People made a home inside the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, a unique place in the Amazon.

Yasuni is known for its super high Diversity of Life. It is not surprising to think, about the possibility to find people living in synchronization with this rich ecosystem.

The Nomads of the Rainforest

The Nomads of  Rainforest are the Waorani People and their closest kins: Tagaeri People and Taromenane People.

These last two groups are still wandering in depth of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, living the way it means to be thousands of years ago, they represent thousands of years of Amazon Rainforest knowledge and experience for mankind.

The Nomads of the Rainforest in Ecuador.

The Waorani House is built with forest materials easy to replace and find. Such as palm leaves, medium-sized tree trunks, and lianas.

The Waorani People are moving all the time, from one place to another, using and cultivating the forest resources and always planning where to move next.

Expanding and controlling their territories is an important activity to maintain constant access to Les fruits de la forêt: wild game and fruits.

The Nature of the Rainforest is everything for them, the forest provides them all: shelter, food, love, friends, spirits, and gods.

Waorani Lifestyle

Nomads of the Rainforest
Nomads of the Rainforest

The Waorani are Hunters-and-Gathers from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, a millenarian lifestyle of humankind from all ancient tribes around the globe.

These nomadic Lifestyles combine with the high productivity of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve allow them to pick the best of tropical forest production.

After the seasonal hunting and gathering they would embark into new lands to find a new living location in the immensity of the forest, once they find it, new plans come along with it and basic farming is the first activity do when a new spot to live was found.


The Nomads of the Rainforest have a different approach to live needs, on doing things only because they like them or they need it to be done to continue living in harmony with the forest itself.

The Nomads of the Rainforest

The Waorani People Today
The Waorani People Today

Today the Last Nomads of the Rainforest are connected with the Western World after a systematic culturalization process carries out by modern times.

During his process the Waorani people lost 50% of their ancestral land, this land is given to oil companies to pay democratic debts and forest fragmentation for palm plantations.