Yasuni National Park in Ecuador
Cup-shape mushrooms helps decomposing the organic matter and put it back to the life stream. Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve (Yasuni National Park & Waorani Ethnic Reserve) is the core of a small and unique area in South America where plant, amphibian, bird, and mammal species richness centers overlap.

Furthermore, the reserve is located within the ‘Core Amazon’, which is an especially wet region to maintain.

Therefore, the rainforest conditions are unique as climate change-induced drought intensifies in the Eastern Amazon.

Wildlife of the Yasuni along the rivers

  • Monkeys

  • River Turtles

  • Kingfishers

  • Capybaras

  • Caimans

  • Oropendolas

  • Macaws

  • Butterflies

Trees of the Yasuni

  • Ceibos or Kapoks

  • Moriche Palms

  • Trees of Fire

  • Cecropias

  • Figs

  • Pachacos

  • Parkias

  • Mimosas


In 1989, the area in and around the original limits of Yasuni National Park was designated as a “Man and the Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Therefore, the Biosphere Reserve is a most privileged location in the entire Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazonian indigenous group known as the Waorani are relatives of the Waoranis, the Tagaeri and Taromenane. And they still live in voluntary isolation deep in the Reserve.

Learn more about Yasuni Biosphere Reserve inhabitants the Waorani People.

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