On the Map you will notice the Shiripuno Rivers is a true Amazonian River.

Therefore, like all amazonian rivers it is totally dependent on local & regional rainfall.

This river can change its level in matters of hours after a heavy downpour. While flooding it collects sediments to deposit it on other areas needed.  And this creates unique habitats such as varzeas.

The Shiripuno Rivers is in the heart of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador, it constantly meanders, creating a series of oxbow lakes, resulting in homes of several species of exotic creatures such as anacondas, caiman, tegus, turtles and piranahs along with catfish.

Additionally, the amount of fallen trees makes it a difficult river to navigate. This is especially relevant, as navigating this river is only for those with jungle skill.

As a result, the waters of Shiripuno River has a milky color due for the amount of sediments carried downstream which builds up temporary beaches. Yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles use these beaches to nest during the dry season.

Shiripuno Lodge Location

Along the banks of the Shiripuno River is the exclusive Shiripuno Lodge.

Which is surrounded by miles and miles of unbroken forest in the world-famous Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.

Join us at our facilities, which are designed for birders and nature lovers willing to be in touch with the true wilderness in Ecuador.